The creation of heavy-duty machinery has benefits in many areas of industries for increasing efficiency, enhancing productivity, and decreasing labor cost for the business. Advanced technology of the machinery not only increases the above values but also provided upgraded safety and comfort to the operators. The use of heavy-duty machinery has increased since the demand of new construction and renovation project have grew significantly throughout the years. The use of heavy-duty machinery can be seen in agriculture, mining, power generation, marine, construction site, and other fields where the need of heavy-duty machinery is required.

Heavy-Duty equipment, such as heavy trucks, construction equipment, and tractors, are specially designed for performing earthwork operations where they operates in the environments are typically critical and heavily contaminated. Seals implemented in the heavy-duty machine usually face wide range of temperatures, speeds and abrasive contaminants. Seals with special design are meant to provide higher capacity of the machinery’s performance over long period of time.