The process of designing and manufacturing seals for industrial usage has quite different approaches. Since industrial seals are often exposed to a wide range of challenging operating condition, they are often design by referencing industrial standards and environment condition regarding where the seals will be used within the operating mechanics. The evaluations of the environmental and industrial standards references are critical in the seal manufacturing designing process. Each of the acting factors must be taken into account in order to produce high quality seals with effective sealing solution. Temperature, pressure, shaft oscillation, and polluting media are some of the common acting factors that need to be considered during the designing process. Seals widely used in industrial devices are such as gearbox, reducers, motors, and pump, etc.

At WINTEK, we dedicated in developing and designing high quality and effective sealing option for rotating, reciprocating, and static industrial application. Wide range of materials selection offered by WINTEK helps customers overcome barriers and limitation. WINTEK’s innovative and thoughtful design sealing solution will help increasing your productivity and operation reliability.