Product Introduction

A worn shaft surface on equipment causes seals can't retain lubricant and to exclude contaminants. Worn shafts cause expensive, unplanned downtime,costly repairs as well as lost production.

The WinTek shaft repair sleeve provides the easy and fast solution to worn shafts. There is no shaft disassembly or machining involved and costly downtime is minimized. Furthermore, there is no need to search for other seals, or keep a stock of different sizes, which also result in time saved.

Very simple installation.
1. Clean and measure the diameter of the shaft and choose a suitable sleeve.
2. Place The WinTek shaft repiar sleeve on the shaft and then place the assembly tool over the sleeve.
3. With an even pressure, tap the assembly tool with a mallet until the sleeve covers the worn area.
4. Remove the assembly tool, reinstall a new seal, and it's all set.


  • Wintek shaft repair sleeve size list